Shipwreck Sunk in and Around Wallaroo

Blanchie (Cutter) 1865
SS Black Diamond (Cutter) 1872
Kadina (Barque) 1872 (Salvaged)
Wallaroo (barque) 1880 (Salvaged)
Young Lion (Ketch) 1882
Eliza (Ketch) 1882
New Arrival (Ketch) 1906
Dianella (Schooner) 1909
Lillie May (Ketch) 1921
Heather Belle (Ketch) 1937
San Miguel (Barque) 1865
Sea Crane (Motor Vessel) 1995 (Salvaged)
Western Winner (Motor Vessel)1997 (Salvaged)
Maid Of Australia 1899
Songvaar 16th April 1912
Notre Dame D’Arvor 1920
Aagot 1909
SS Australian 1912
SS Investigator 1918
Macintyre 1927
Zanoni 1865 (Ardrossan)
Cockermouth 1905
Albatross 1913
General Dr Sonis 1913
Harold 1917
Eugine Schneider 1921
Eclipse 1929
Hawk 1948
Silver Cloud 1974
Hougomont 1933
Ethel 1904
Ferret 1904
Willyama 1907
Dart 1938
Parsee 1938
Sultana 1949
Marion 1951
Charles Carter 1854
Iron King 1873
Clan Ranald 1909
There are still 200 missing ships around the Yorke Peninsula, come and help us find them
Ship info
Barque is a type of sailing ship with 3 or more masts.
Schooner (Not a beer) is a type of sailing vessel characterized by the use of
fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts.
Ketch is a sailing craft with two masts, a main and a shorter mizzen mast.
Cutter is a single masted boat fore-and-aft rigged, with two or more
headsails and often a bowsprit.

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